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I'm so glad I finally got around to playing this, I absolutely loved it. It really succeeded in giving me a lonely/liminal space kind of feeling, while still having a lot of personality. Small touches like the falling leaves and particle effects made the world feel more alive, and all the character interactions were so charming. The muted color palette and the lack of anti-aliasing works perfectly with the visual style. I also thought the map was really well made, it always stayed visually interesting and never felt too empty. I liked the mix of natural and manmade stone structures. The ambient soundtrack is really nice and definitely adds to the whole atmosphere as well.

A couple minor things: An option to change keybindings would be nice; I got into a situation where my character was stuck against an object, and I had to use the on-screen keyboard to respawn since I don't have a numpad. A camera sensitivity setting would also be appreciated, it felt a little slow to me.

I also want to say the message at the end genuinely made me feel really nice :) great job to the whole team, can't wait to see what you come out with in the future!

great story and great jobs !

Hey thanks! We appreciate the kind words.